It's a great day to play

It's a great day to play


About Us

8AM Golf identifies and supports a wide variety of brands that help golfers have more fun, both on and off the course. We value the traditions of the sport while relying on innovative practices to help move it forward and reach new audiences.

The suite of brands under 8AM Golf offers consumers a comprehensive approach to mastering the game, arming golfers with a collection of tools and resources they can rely on before, during and after their rounds.


Our Brands


Nicklaus Companies

365bet开户The Nicklaus Companies promotes excellence in golf, preserves its traditions, and brings the sport to new audiences. With 423 golf courses in 45 countries, Nicklaus Design is the global leader in course design. 


With more than 5 million downloads, GolfLogix is the most-downloaded GPS app in golf, offering a comprehensive set of proprietary course maps and more in-depth green maps than any other app in the market.

Miura Golf

The world’s finest forged irons and wedges, designed by Katsuhiro Miura and his two sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, in Himeji, Japan. They hand-craft clubs one by one using special forging techniques to ensure perfection.


True Spec Golf

365bet开户The worldwide leader of brand-agnostic club-fitting. True Spec Golf stocks more than 30,000 combinations of club heads and shafts from all leading equipment manufacturers to discover the perfect fit in real time.

GOLF.com & GOLF Magazine

The most premium monthly golf magazine, alongside a robust source of daily digital content that keeps golfers informed with news and a comprehensive set of service content to help them have more fun on the course.

Club Conex

365bet开户The global leader in adjustable golf club adaptor systems. Club Conex partners with club fitters, retail outlets, and OEMs to help them simplify the club fitting process by creating a demo offering that works with all brands.


Meet The Team


Howard Milstein


A golf entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist, Howard Milstein launched 8AM Golf as the holding company that oversees and operates all of his golf assets. As Chairman of 8AM Golf, Milstein is Executive Chairman of the Nicklaus Companies, Publisher of GOLF Magazine, and Chairman of GolfLogix, Miura Golf, True Spec Golf, and Club Conex. All of these companies share a common goal of helping golfers enjoy the game.


Hoyt McGarity


365bet开户Hoyt creates, communicates, and implements 8AM Golf’s vision, mission, and overall direction as directed by the Chairman. Hoyt was a stand-out collegiate golfer at Lynn University before he played golf competitively on a number of professional tours. In 2011, Hoyt co-founded Modern Golf, a Canadian brand agnostic club fitting company. In 2014, Hoyt became the CEO of True Spec Golf, a U.S. brand agnostic club fitting company, and in 2017, he became the President and CEO of Miura Golf.


Ashley Mayo


365bet开户Ashley ensures that the image, experience and promise of each company under 8AM Golf is premium, refined, and seamless. Ashley is also GOLF Magazine’s Editorial Director and oversees the brand’s vision and strategy. Before joining the 8AM team, Ashley spent 11 years as an editor at Golf Digest. While there, she earned her Masters degree in digital journalism from Columbia’s School of Journalism. Before joining Golf Digest, Ashley competed on the first-ever women’s golf team at the University of Virginia.


Dino Markus


Responsible for driving video content strategy and managing video execution across all 8AM Golf assets.


James Ridout


James is responsible for managing the financial side of the 8AM Golf portfolio and finding and evaluating new investment opportunities. Prior to joining 8AM Golf, James worked as Vice President at Emigrant Capital Corp., the private equity division of Emigrant Bank and the owner of 8AM Golf. James, an avid and slowly improving golfer, brings financial and international experience to the team, having worked in various financial roles across Asia and Australia before relocating to New York.


Charlie Grace


Charlie focuses on emerging opportunities across the 8AM Golf platform. He helps connect professional golfers to the 8AM Golf network of companies and works to develop new business verticals. Charlie had an impressive junior golf career and played golf competitively for Vanderbilt University. As someone who grew up around the game, he strongly believes in golf’s power to connect different types of people and businesses.


Brian Richardson


365bet开户Brian is a visual alchemist who has worked in filming, development, and digital distribution for over ten years. He is passionate about storytelling and loves to uncover new and innovative ways to engage the audience. As content strategist, Brian drives video strategy through content communication management. He also reports on various 8AM Golf initiatives and manages video partnerships across all 8AM Golf brands.


Kellie Stenzel


365bet开户Kellie serves as a special advisor for 8AM Golf where she advises Chairman, Howard Milstein on all golf assets. Kellie serves as a part of the 8AM team that finds and reviews new business opportunities with the goal to create synergies between all 8AM companies. She seeks solutions to provide golf products and services to better enable all golfers to play their best games. Additionally, Kellie is a GOLF Magazine Top 100 teacher.


Anthony Gerard


365bet开户Anthony serves as a special advisor to the Chairman, and he advises the entire 8AM Golf team throughout their varied projects and initiatives. He is a director of the Nicklaus Companies, GolfLogix, and Miura Golf. Before joining 8AM Golf, Anthony had served as a director of a number of other Emigrant Capital Corporation investments. Anthony brings his extensive banking and operating experience to 8AM’s varied activities.


Jeff Fujimoto


Jeff serves as a special advisor to Howard Milstein and Hoyt McGarity. Prior to joining the 8AM team, he’d spent five years advising Bob Parsons at Parsons Xtreme Golf, several years as an agent to golfers under the 1 Degree Management team, and several years working for Sidney Frank on all golf-related marketing initiatives at Grey Goose Vodka. Fuj competed at Colorado State University, and after spending a few years playing golf competitively he became the assistant golf coach at both Colorado State and the University of Louisville.


Emily Haas


Reporting into Ashley Mayo, Emily manages projects, events and initiatives that span across 8AM’s entire portfolio. Her organizational skills help identify timelines and objectives, keeping everyone on task. Emily joined 8AM from the fashion industry, where she cultivated skills of sales, analysis, and merchandising, helping 8AM identify cool, new products in the golf space. Emily played golf at Stevenson University where she was a three-time All-MAC selection and two-time NCAA Elite 90 recipient.


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